Gold & Silver Wingtip Tap Shoes

What do I know? Not much. I’d like to keep it that way, and fortunately this is simple…maybe even simple-minded. I’ve decided to take a train ride to retrieve the tatters of the past; tooling through Europe and the Middle East, with the noise of the wheels embossing each memory into my heart. I’ve packed my leather steamer and carry-on, kissed the kittens good-bye, and locked up my apartment. Tapping my way down the long dark hall-way to the dawn in my metallic two-tone wingtips, and then settling into a cab to the airport, I cross one 501 clad leg over the other and take a sip of candy-bar coffee from my green metal thermos.
I’ll break your heart
To keep you far from where
All dangers start
And atmosphere”

(By Warpaint)


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