About Beau Du Queer

Beau Du Queer is a transbloke who writes about food, fashion, sex and style for queer dandies. We encourage curiosity and learning by the seat of your pants……that you sewed with your own little paws, preferably a pair made of a soft caramel Glenn plaid wool.  Then afterwords, invite your pals over for a spot of steamy tea and a slice of pound cake. Read poetry. Make out. Drink more tea. Try on boots. Play the accordion. Kiss some more. Cuddle like Jane Bowles. Eat more cake.


2 responses to “About Beau Du Queer

  1. will

    I sure did enjoy the bow tie workshop last night. I want to try to make another tie. Where can I pick up another clip?

    • Thanks for being there! Teaching it was a lot of fun. You can get the clips at Britex Fabrics on the 3rd floor. We’ll be posting a more detailed version of the bow tie instructions on Beau Du Queer sometime in the next few days!
      — Avery and Bretts

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