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Vintage Window-Pane Checked Jacket & Yellow Vest

Googoosh is playing on the stereo, and the winter sun is setting. I’m dressing to meet you at the corner Italian restaurant, and mulling over the past two weeks while thoughtfully fastening the horn buttons on my window-pane checked jacket. I take my grandfather’s gold pocket watch from its velvet-lined ebony box, attach my timepiece with a T-Bar chain, and slide the watch into my silk lined inside pocket. There is a soft rustling, and I withdraw a piece of carefully folded yellow notebook paper. It appears to be either a shopping list or a mash note, and reads “one Tarte Pomme Pistache, three pounds of fine salmon, a bag of Demerara brown sugar, five assorted chocolate bars, one pound of mixed stars”.
گریه کنم یا نکنم
حرف بزنم یا نزنم
من از هوای عشق تو ، دل بکنم یا نکنم
با این سوال بی* جواب ، پناه به آینه می برم
خیره به تصویر خودم ، می پرسم از کی* بگذرم
یه سوی این قصه تویی*
یه سوی این قصه منم
بسته به هم وجود ما
تو بشکنی ، من می شکنم

(Gerye Konam Ya Nakonam sung by Googoosh)


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